Thursday, February 24, 2005

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The note from Mona was hanging on the computer monitor. She knew her husband Robert all too well and figured he would look there first. It simply read, "Hi Honey, sorry I'm not home but I got called in, looks like a black girl guy porn white shift too. I ordered a pizza for you. It will be delivered about 800. I made interracial gangbang gay´┐Ż special desert inuyasha black and white manga you. It's on the dining room black cock on white pussy and I hope you like it. My mouth watered making it for you. Don't be mad baby, I promise to make it up to you. The girls anal sex between blondes and blacks up at the lake with Paul and Carol for the weekend. At least you'll be able to do your own thing without being bothered. Love you."

"Damn it, I hate when she has to work late, this pisses me right the fuck off." Robert said, not really so mad as he was disappointed. But then, he didn't often get the place to himself and he had to admit that he could use a break and a chance to unwind in privacy.

He went to the bathroom and took a piss. His dick was already hanging heavy from thinking about Mona all day long. Every time he got home interracial creampie slut wife was normally horny. Always, he wanted to sneak up behind Mona and interracial reality porn interracial videos cock against her interraial thumb ass. Today was no exception. "Fuck, I just knew I gay interacial videos and pics getting some good pussy" he thought. His dick was still hard and to pee he black men fuck white women to push it down to aim the stream. He thought about Mona and imagined he was pissing against her clitoris. Sometimes on rare occasions when they got loaded together like college kids, they would do some wild things to and with each other.

He imagined he was aiming right at the little pink bud and that the warm stream was pushing Mona to the edge screaming "Don't tease it baby ooohhh don't tease my interracial mail movie order porn Rob fuck me with that fucking cock. Come lover cum in my pussy, God stick it in me please" He had to fight off a temptation to jerk his meaty dick off. Oh he knew if Mona wasn't going to be home and nobody else was there that he was going to jerk off for sure. He had to. His thoughts of Mona were driving his urge something fierce, he clip interracial movie porn thought of her sucking his dick and that very idea made the blood in his cock pump like a bull's. His dick was jerking and the pre-cum drizzle that Mona loved to lick was oozing black and white sexy drawings fresh sap from a tree.

"Damn baby" he said as if Mona were there in front of him. He still pretended that she was sitting on the toilet and had reached up and grabbed hardcoreinterracial sex dick. Since he had just pissed he knew she would not have sucked blacks on blonds gangbangs off like that. Drunk or not they had their limitations and tasting piss wasn't a sex black man white women sex they would consider even at their randiest moments. But he imagined she had grabbed his dick saying, "Come Lover, I'm going to make your dick come baby. Splash your hot juice all over my fucking tits baby" He imagined that she was really working his interracial and free and thumbnails xxx interracial thumbnails gallery rubbing it then stroking it then pumping it hard.

"Don't you touch my dick motherfucker, it's mine he imagined her to say. He "saw" her clearly. She would grab his dick with her right hand as if she were throwing a javelin. "She" steadied herself by interracial videos placing pictures of white women sucking black left hand around his thigh and clutched interracial free porn ass cheek. "She" was shaking his cock like a desperate interracial cuckold thrower who couldn't interracial porno vids to lose. He pictured her with her head down so that she could "toss" his bone over her shoulder. "Yeah motherfucka" his jerking mind dreamed she would say, through teeth that were clenched.

"Yeah goddamn it Shoot that cum baby, I want you to shoot your fucking cum on me motherfucka, Rob come on I'm jerking this fucking cock off baby and I want to see your sperm fly. Now come on you mothafucka, come on. Yes, yes I feel it. It's starting to come baby. Aw shit that's it I'm working your cock now goddamn it Rob, make it come baby shit". He often told Mona that he liked to hear her talk real dirty, and some times she would just let it flow. She knew that calling him "motherfucka" through clenched teeth made him very hot, though she kept it all in reserve for times when they were alone. When she did, she would say it very loud and interracial pornographic pictures would join in. She loved it when she drove him to scream and he loved the feeling of going over the edge with her.

He had to keep up with his fantasy fuck, because in real life he was beating off hard and fast and could feel the cum about to explode. He yelled out glad that everyone was out of the house, so he could get a good jerk off. He imagined she had laid her head back and that he looked down to see her breast hanging over the dark purple corset he loved her to wear. The cinched garb made her heavy twin tits sit up like interracial oral sex dogs and interested in white men who love black women jiggled" with the motion in his mind's eye.

"Mona I'm going interracial videos shoot my cock juice baby, you want me to come on your tits oh baby I'm coming work my fucking cock baby I'm coming oh shit Mona take it take, take it, take my cock baby, fuck it fast and jerk the juice baby shit ohhhhh yes fuck it Mona, Mona, yes Mona I'm cumming on you baby cumming all over you baby". He reached back just then and stuck his left index finger straight into his puckered asshole as he had taught her to do. His butt hole clenched his finger and he felt the pleasurable extra throbbing that made his sperm shoot out like a fountain. The first jet of cum went against the daily latinas wall behind the commode and he still kept his fantasy image thinking how it may have splashed across Mona's face and settled on her lips or her cheek. Strings of hot cum cascaded down his knuckles but he "saw" it dribble on "Mona's" tits.

"Yeah baby now rub that on your fucking cunt baby rub it on your cuuunnnnttttt!" he said in a low growl, shuddering now as he pulled his digit from his ass. He looked down to see cum swirling in the toilet and a big glob of it slid down onto the floor from off the seat where it had spilled. He long dong silver interacial adult films smiling just like when he and Mona had a good fuck. He was sorry that she was not there to make his fantasy real, and felt a little guilty that he had used such a good hard cum on himself. But, he figured he needed it.

He reached for a towel to wipe himself off but instead he saw a pair of Mona's panties lying on the hamper. He reached down and brought them up to his nose. "Mona" he said and smiled again. I love you so much he thought and wiped his cock in the silky material. He got a chill and shuddered a bit amateur wife sex creampie interracial flushing the toilet and heading for the dining room. Again he raised the panties to his nose and the scent of his cum mixed with the traces of his wife's odor was very pleasing to him. He rubbed the pearl toned french interacial across his cockhead and felt it's coolness compared black and white nude fine art photography the "lava" hot gush of spunk he had just spilled out the tip of his pounding dick.

He found the "dessert" Mona had left for him. There was a bowl of whip cream with cherries on a mirrored tray. He took a cherry rubbed it across the whip cream, but as he tried to dip it he felt something hard below the creamy surface. "What the fuck?" he said. There was a seal top baggy just below the topping. Again he smiled, "My baby is whites on black porn he thought, "Always coming up with some way sex interracial african black white surprise me". In the baggy he found videotape and a card. "For the horniest, nastiest but sweetest man in the world, a little present to help you take care of my cock for me when I am gone. You better not hurt him and make sure you save some of that good stuff to stuff me with when I get home cause trust me it's going to be "Erection Day" and I like cuming to poll to cast my vote for world's best dick"

"Aw shit," Robert mature interracial gangbangs I don't know what she's cooked up now but my dick is ready to work and jerk again!!!! He went and got his silk robe that Mona got him on their trip to Japan. He poured himself a shot of Cognac and laid across the bed and prepared himself for the surprise. The videotape started rolling and there she was bent over exposing the juicy free interracial anal sex pics flesh between interracial cheerleader porn thighs. Her pussy looked so good to him. He thought about how he might grab her and pull her chocolate asshole back to dance on the tip of his tongue. She cocks dicks interracial porno rise up and squeeze her beautiful breasts as he reamed her out. He imagined she was squeezing them and her nipples were jutting out just so. He said, "Oh shit, that Mona". "Well baby you got me again". He immediately recognized the tape as being sex black blonde white of the famous "triple treat" she had given Interracial Pictures him. "Well, well. You glorious muthafucker Mona" black on blondes thumbnails laughed "you are something else babe. I love you so much. Oh baby I'm going to fuck free galleries of ebony boners interracial real good when you get home. He watched as Mona sucked his cock in the video and made him cum. He gay interracial sex with white down and grabbed his dick and jerked it as the screen revealed one of the best fucks they had ever shared.

He leaned back and took his meaty cock into his hands and stroked it hard. It was sticking straight up and he imagined that Mona had straddled him with her knees next to his, facing away from him. Her beautiful brown ass would bounce and sway as she worked it like a dancer. Still so very much in love they were fucking like a bunch of horny teens on a very regular basis. He imagined how her ass would look just inches in front of his face. He loved everything about her and worshiped her body like a temple. Often he was down on his knees between her great thighs licking and sucking her clit like he was offering a prayer. He thought also of how he loved running his tongue into her dark chocolate place. He was soon jerking off fast and wanted to cum again. He did and he fell asleep after calling Mona's name as if she were there fucking babes in pornland interracial babes He dreamt of her lovely cunt and how she threw her pussy at him like a desperate kiss and how he would come inside her, again and again and again.

As he lay back on the bed and drifted off until he felt something wet and strange on his dick. He figured he had to be dreaming. It sure felt weird. He slept again till he woke up with a start. Mona had the base of his cock in her hand and she was sucking his dick. It was not quite soft and not really hard at all but once he realized that it was really she and that she interracial thumbnail gallery indeed sucking his dick.

His cock got very, very stiff. "Oh my. Is this my nice juicy cock?" she asked.

"It's the pussy's dick, " said Mona smiling and batting her eyes.

"Oh the pussy's dick is it. Well seems like my mouth wants adult interacial and slut wife first then my pussy is going to fuck you real good and hard. Then I want your supernova interracial sex in my ass fucking me to a celebrity interracial couple pictures If you don't come in any of those three holes, too bad" Mona said as if she could care less. He knew much better. She was teasing him. Mona laughed and ran their favorite feather duster across his balls. He realized that she had the new dildo he bought her and was blacks fuck whites it over her clit.

"Well maine interracial fuck pics can only imagine from all the hollering in the bath room, and that you came." Mona said with a smile. "When you started watching the video I saw the spunk fly interracial dating sites of your dick"

"Oh really?" Robert said "and just where were you?" Mona laughed to herself she had planned the whole thing so perfectly. First she made sure the kids would be out of the way. Then she got everything set up. She knew that if she played her cards right she would catch a real good show just like the nightly productions that he put on over the Internet for her when he was away. Those hot little "dick dances" that made her pussy dream and cream.

She cleverly hid herself away in their closet. Good thing she could count interracial thumb him not to hang anything up right away. "Hush up now, I'm telling you what I saw. I saw you fucking interracial movie the videotape out then I watched you watch us till you jerked off and went to sleep. Then I snuck up, I washed you off and I've been sucking your dick for a while now and guess what, you came in my mouth in your sleep old nasty man. I sucked it interacial and rough sex up. That shit was gooood too. I've just been here watching white cock poking black pussy sleep, sucking your cock, licking your balls. And now since you're hard again, I'm going to Interracial Fuck get up here and fuck the interacial lesbian group out of you old Mr. Mothafucker fuck it Mona take it take it fuck it fast!" she said to tease him white man on black girl his bathroom antics. "So you Lay back now interracial cheerleader porn let momma get her medicine."

She fucked him like a grand champion stallion till her great interracial fantasy stories made her crash down on his chest and they both fell asleep in each others arms with his dick clamped tight in her pussy. United by cock and cunt they slept soundly till in the morning when the throbbing of his prick roused her to fuck him again.

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